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PostSubject: THE RULES!   Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:21 pm

Hello there and welcome to The Mugen Collective! I hope you enjoy your stay here. However, I must announce a few rules that would be in everyone's best interest to follow.

1. COMMON SENSE! USE IT! Its an endangered species that is absent in most people today. If you've ever been on a forum before, you would know that its in your best interest not to troll, flame, spam, be a idiot/dick/douchebag/*insertinsulthereplease*, etc.

However, I will make threads for you to do so. Common sense in the "Insanity Laughs" section of the forums is not needed.

2. NO WAREZ! If your looking here to find your favorite song for download or a pirated game, you will be sorely disappointed. Besides, that kind of stuff is easy to find if you know where to look.

3. NO ADULT RATED MATERIAL SUCH AS PORN! Self explanatory really. However, nekkid Mugen characters can be posted (because its funny as hell to make fun of someone who faps to badly sprite drawn breasts).

4. NO DRAMA! Okay, maybe I'll be lax on this one and I might make a thread for this, if I feel the need to, but I don't want anyone here posting their life stories and material that would fit a soap opera in any other threads.

5. MUGEN RELATED RULES: Will be in a seperate thread, since I need to go over those in detail.

6. Because its the most important rule, save for the "Insanity Laughs" section....


Well...I think that's about it. By registering here and posting, you agree to all these rules.

Enjoy your stay in The Mugen Collective!
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