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PostSubject: RULES FOR THE MUGEN CONTENT!   RULES FOR THE MUGEN CONTENT! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 7:32 pm

Hello there and welcome to The Mugen Collective! These are the rules pertaining to the Mugen section of the forums.

First of all...we are not a group of elitists with strict rules. However, we are not exactly a warehouse that will take an author's work for granted and not bother with saying who it is by, or even worse, changing the character a bit and claiming that he is our own (does KingAnon's place ring a bell?)

What I am aiming for is to be more of an archive. While yes, I will allow for people to post characters as they please, characters that are pretty much universally known to be online should not be posted (Such as P.O.T.S's Ryu, for example.). However, if you wanted to post work such as that, you can post a link to the author's site.

Basically, the goal of this site should be this: To hunt down offline creations/obscure creations and post them.

You may also request characters as you like as well. for authors who wish for their content to be taken down. If you prove that you are the author and if your claim is strong enough, I will, of course take it down. If you have a website with the links to your characters posted, you may ask me to link to your website. If you wish for your offline characters to be taken down and lost in time, that is your decision.

However, I highly doubt a sort of situation will happen, due to the Mugen Fighter's Guild has relaxed their rules, unless we are dealing with the most hardened of Mugen elitists.

Now...a quick lowdown of the rules, or basically a "tl; dr" version.

1. We are not strict with what you can post in the Mugen section. Don't cause unneeded drama over it.

2. If a character is not yours, DON'T CLAIM IT AS YOURS! Even if you don't know the author, DON'T DO IT! Finding the name of the author is as easy as opening up the character's .def file.

3. Try not to post stuff that is widely known in the Mugen community to be online. Instead, try to look for the author's site and post the link to the author's site instead. I will not enforce this rule very much, but it could cause unneeded drama, so at least try.

4. You may request anything you like.

5. To authors: While if you make a strong enough claim if you want your creation taken down, please do not cause any drama over it. The Mugen Fighter's Guild has since then relaxed its rules and so have many other communities.

6. To the Mugen elitists who are fanatical in the beliefs that nothing should be hosted like this: DON'T CAUSE ANY FUCKING DRAMA! I swear on all that's holy to me, that if I see any posts about how we are all a bunch of assholes for hosting your work, threats over it, or anything like it, I WILL BAN YOUR SORRY ASS! I will NOT have it on this site! If you CANNOT contain yourself at all, you may PM me. Be civil though and don't rant about it.

Alright...that's it for now. I will go over on how to post Mugen related stuff in the Mugen section.

By reading this and registering, you agree to all these rules.
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