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 The Chronicles of Raixsarin: Final Fantasy 11

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PostSubject: The Chronicles of Raixsarin: Final Fantasy 11   Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:11 pm

Ah...Final Fantasy 11...the only FF game I haven't played. Why? Well, for obvious reasons. Its an MMO. And after I ragequitted WoW, I've been trying to avoid them. With no private servers even available, it looked like I would never even touch this game.

Until now.

Since last year, I had a 30 day trial disk sitting in the corner of my room and never bothered with it. While I was looking into FF11 recently, I heard that the game was fairly story driven.

Unlike most MMO's, where its possible to only find snippets of the story in quests and boss fights, FF11 has many cutscenes and is heavily story driven. This, is not surprising since this is Square anyway.

Impressed by this idea, since I like a good story, I decided to give it a go. After a lengthy installation, I then had to use something called PlayOnline to register.

I would have rather have been pinned up against a wall, ass raped, and kicked in the balls repeatedly all at the same time, then go through this. The registration process is a NIGHTMARE!

Not only did I have some cheesy music to accompany me through the whole process, it just seemed to take FOREVER. Not even WoW was this bad. Shocked

After finally registering, I then had to go through the patching process...which, as I type this, I still am patching. WoW usually in its latest incarnation of BC and WotLK and all its patches generally took about an hour to patch.

This is taking 3 hours. Suspect

So, as I sit here and wait while listening to, yet another arrangement of the famous "Prelude" theme, I might as well say that throughout my 30 days, I will chronicle my adventures through MMO Hell once again.

*goes off to do stuff while waiting for the patching to finally fucking finish*

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Posts : 79
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PostSubject: Re: The Chronicles of Raixsarin: Final Fantasy 11   Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:22 am

And begins.

So, after a long patching process I finally got into the game. Saw a cutscene, blah blah blah, got into character creation. Choices were between a human, elf, some...small thing, a cat girl and a....big thing.

Since I only liked how the human and elf looked, I went with the elf dude and had my choices. So I decided to start off as a Red Mage. I have a love for classes that are a "Jack of All Trades". Makes me feel that I'm a little useful for every part.

So, another cutscene and OFF I GO!

....Well not really.

I had no idea how to move my character. Tried the WASD keys like in WoW, nope. Tried directional keys. Nope. Then for some reason, remembering the good old days of FF7 on the PC, I tried the keypad directional keys and I moved (Took me about 15 minutes to figure this out, I was so surprised I literally shouted out "HOLY SHIT!! THAT'S HOW YOU MOVE?!!!"

So, I got something called an "Adventurer's Coupon", gave it to some NPC and I got 50 Gil, woohoo. Lots of tutorial shit and finally I was out of the city, ready to kick some ass!

Some giant wasp thing was flying around, so that looked pretty easy. Started off by casting some damage over time stuff and then took a few whacks at it with my dagger and it died.

Now, something I must say. I really get a sort of nostalgic feeling from the battle system in this game. When you fight, the camera angle changed to a sort of "Over-the-shoulder" style and some battle music came up with a menu. "Ah..." I said to myself, "Just like good ol' classic Final Fantasy." While there isn't a victory fanfare when you win, you do hear the classic chime when you level up.


Also, FF11 is MUCH harder and more complicated then WoW. Unlike WoW, which is very user friendly, FF11 does barely any hand holding and kicks you in the ass from the get go. Levelling from 1-2 also takes more time (at least maybe 10 minutes of constant battle, unlike WoW which only took like...2 minutes @_@), but ultimately, it is much more rewarding.

And speaking of levels, this is the one thing in the game that I REALLY...REALLY...LIKE.

There are no character levels. Instead, there are Job Levels. You level each job seperately instead of a character. And better can change your Job at ANY TIME when you go to your house. After hitting level 3 on Red Mage, I ran back to my house and immediately job changed to Monk, and thus, I ran off to go kick some ass! There is NO need to create another character at all. This to me is the shining point of the game.

While I have only played it for one day so far, at first, I was shocked and overwhelmed at how complicated it first was. After getting used to it though, I'm really starting to like this.

More on the way.

Oh and....

You can also change the .wav files in the game too. So if your like me, and you love the FF5 battle theme, you can replace FF11's battle theme with any song you like! ^_^

Unfortunately though, there is no addon support like in WoW though.

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The Chronicles of Raixsarin: Final Fantasy 11
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